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K1M loudspeakers have appropriate filtration system and arrangement of the loudspeaker units inside the loudspeaker, which ensures increased orientation of the sound emission. Specially designed loudspeakers enable unbelievably clear and natural quality of sound, which guarantees excellent intelligibility of both voice and music. Loudspeaker K1 have a bigger coverage area as well as further opening angle in the vertical plane so that the difference between sitting and standing position of the listener is eliminated.
All these characteristics ensure excellent intelligibility in the whole listening area


Loudspeaker of type K1 :

-aesthetical appearance
- Uniform distribution of natural sound in the whole room
- high efficiency
- slim enclosure (width: 7cm)
- articulated or top-down (optional) hanger
- Version: 100V (Leistungsregelung)
aluminum housing
- weather-resistant coating
- Paint with colors of palette RAL

Technical data K1-30 K1-45 K1-60 K1-90 K1-120
1/1 power Imp. 30W 333Ω 45W 222Ω 60W 166Ω 90W 111Ω 120W 83Ω
1/2 power Imp. 15W 666Ω 22,5W 444Ω 30W 333Ω 45W 222Ω 60W 166Ω
1/4 power Imp. 7,5W 1333Ω 11,25W 888Ω 15W 666Ω 22,5W 444Ω 30W 333Ω
number of Full range Speakers (2,0") neodym 6szt. 9szt. 12szt. 16szt. 20szt.
number of hightone Speakers
1szt. 2szt. 2szt. 3szt. 4szt.
Frequency range  [Hz] 185Hz - 20kHz 180Hz-20kHz 175Hz-20kHz 165Hz-20kHz 155Hz-20kHz
Guaranteed acoustic sound pressure at max SPL. (pink noise)
IEC 60268-1


8m 10m 12m 15m 18m


5m 8m 10m 12m 15m
Power supply 100V 100V 100V 100V 100V
Characteristics directional directional directional directional directional
Dimensions: H/W/D [mm] 600/67/73 800/67/73 1100/67/73 1600/67/73 1760/67/73
Weight 2,8 3,7 4,7 7,0 9,5



 Mounting Instructions