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Mixer MX-2006


MX-2006 mixer equipment
punktor two individual tracks with timbre and gain control with 6-point wysterowanie indicator and symmetrical inputs (XLR sockets) with disconnectable mass
punktor six symmetrical microphone-line inputs (XLR sockets) with Microphone/Line sensitivity switch
punktor Phantom power supply switch in each channel
punktor turn on vocal priority on 1st input blocking all the remaining inputs
punktor asymmetrical inputs (4,5, and 6) are equipped with additional Cinch type sockets to connect line signals
punktor separate gain and timbre (Bass, Soprano) control for each input channel
punktor input signal indicator (LED diode) for each input channel
punktor three positional switch assigning thegiven channel to summing tracks ( position #1 – to track #1; position 2 – to track 1 and 2; position 3 – to track 2)
punktor input to recording (Cinch socket)
punktor 230V/50 Hz and 24V DC power supply


Technical Data  MX- 2006

 - microphone, symmetrical with a 20V Phantom power supply switch
 - linear, asymmetrical

1-6: 0,5-100mV/1
4-6: 100mV-1V/10

Adjustable symmetrical outputs


Tape recorder output - recording

560 mV
Frequency range 40 - 22 000 Hz

Non-linear distortions

<0,05 %

Timbre control separate for each channel (Bass, Soprano)


Summing timbre control (Bass, Soprano)


Controlling level indicator


Vocal priority

Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz

Emergency power

24V DC
Measurements: w/h/d [mm] 443x50x225
Weight [kg] 1,5



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