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WM-DT amplifiers are equipped with a class D power amplifier. The amplifier has a symmetrical transformer output with voltages of 100V, 70V and 8Ω. The amplifier is equipped with symmetrical 0dB and + 6dB inputs, 0dB output, gain control, treble and bass control, limiter and a six-step level indicator. The amplifier has a Combo socket, which allows you to connect the signal using a cable with an XLR or Jack plug. The modern design of the WM amplifiers allows for cooperation with other amplifiers and mixers in order to increase the power of the entire sound system.

Technical data WM – 200DT WM – 400DT WM – 600DT
Output power 200 W 400 W 600 W
Load impedance 100V / 50Ω 100V / 25Ω 100V / 16,5Ω
70V / 24,5Ω 70V / 12,25Ω 70V / 8,25Ω
Power output (balanced ungrounded) 100V, 70V, 8Ω, 100V, 70V, 8Ω, 100V, 70V, 4Ω,
XLR balanced input sensitivity (switchable) 0dB, +6dB 0dB, +6dB 0dB, +6dB
XLR line output level (balanced, transformer) 0dB 0dB 0dB
Universal adjustable input with timbre: bass, soprano bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB
bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB
bass: 100Hz;
soprano: 10kHz ±12dB
Frequency response 40 – 20000 Hz 40 – 20000 Hz 40 – 20000 Hz
Forced cooling (fan) yes yes yes
Limiter yes yes yes
Working temperature from 5 to +40 ° C from 5 to +40 ° C from 5 to +40 ° C
Dimensions width/height/depth (mm) 443x44x250 443x44x250 443x44x250
Weight (kg) 9,2kg 11kg 12,5 kg