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The passive splitter SPL-1 is used when it is necessary to split the signal into two receivers while maintaining their galvanic separation. The use of high-quality isolating transformers and detachable ground prevents modulation disturbances and ground loops resulting from the DC connection of two receivers. The isolating transformer is additionally shielded, which ensures a very high resistance to external disturbances (AC 230V, etc.). The splitter has one input, one Direct output and two isolated outputs with detachable ground. The splitter uses XLR Input/Output sockets.

Technical data
Input impedance < 20kΩ
Output impedance (no load) < 20kΩ
Minimum load impedance 200Ω
Maximum input level +20dB
Frequency response 60Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB
Turns ratio 1 : 1
Connection type XLR
Dimensions (width/height/depth) [mm] 137 x 68 x 60
Weight [g] 370

Block diagram of the SPL-1