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Karta katalogowa ZP1-T firmy Rduch E;eltroakustyka, wygenerowana dnia 25/10/2021

The ZP1-T portable sound system is designed to sound for processions, pilgrimages, open spaces, as well as rooms, conference rooms. etc. It is powered by an internal 12V gel battery. It has installed sockets for connecting: a microphone and a power supply for charging the battery. It has a microphone volume control, tone control (bass, soprano) and an activation signal. Working time is 3 hours. The housing is made out of aluminum section painted with powder paint.


Technical data ZP1-T
Rated power of the set 20W
Supply voltage (internal battery) 12V
Efficiency (1W / 1m) 92 dB
Max. Efficiency 105 dB
Column frequency response 150 – 15 000 Hz
Continuous operation time of the battery in a full cycle after charging 3 hours
Audibility range [m] 50m
Wired dynamic microphone DM-555
Set dimenions (height / width / depth) [cm] 18x11x10
Weight [kg] 1,9