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Minimixer MX-2/A

The MX-2 / A minimixer is used to dissolve the microphone signal. It is useful in situations where only one microphone cable is available and two microphones are needed. The minimixer is connected to the amplifier with a symmetrical signal using the XLR plug. The device requires phantom power to work properly. The MX-2 / A has two balanced inputs with adjustable sensitivity and detachable phantom power. We can connect a condenser, dynamic microphone and a wireless microphone receiver to the inputs.

Technical data
Input signal level -20dB
Nonlinear distortions [%] 0,05
Frequency response [Hz] 20 – 20 000
Adjustable gain level [mV] 0 -100
Number of XLR sockets 2
Dimensions (height/width/depth) [mm] 50x71x48
Weight [g] 150