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The UHF-500D digital wireless set is a novelty in the Rduch offer. Works in the “true diversity” system with one wireless microphone equipped with a neodymium dynamic insert. It can be connected to an amplifier with a balanced and asymmetrical microphone input or a line input. High sound quality as well as a very large range of the microphone allow the set to be used in large venues, cathedrals, churches as well as on the stage.


Modulation type π/4-DQPSK
Sampling 24bit
Sampling frequency 48kHz
Data stream speed 204,8kbps
Working frequency 480,900MHz – 508,125MHz
Additional antenna amplifiers power supply 12V/200mA
Dynamic range > 90dB
Stabilization of the frequency 10ppm
Total harmonic distortion < 0,1%
RX Sensitivity < -94dBm
Range guaranteed in open space 120m
Transmitter power 12 – 18V DC
Temperature, humidity od +5°C do +40°C/ od 8 do 80%
Dimensions width/height/depth (mm) 210 x 50 x 180
Weight 830g


Modulation type π/4-DQPSK
Cartridge dynamic (NEODYMIUM)
Transmitter power 10mW
Audio transmission delay < 3ms
Sound to noise ratio > 96dB
Frequency response 30 – 18 000Hz
Powering the microphone 2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Temperature, humidity od +5°C do +40°C/ od 8 do 80%
Dimensions diameter/lenght (mm) Φ52 x 252
Weight (no battery) 355g