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The RD VOICE-500 portable set can be used wherever it is required to sound a word or music among smaller and larger groups of people. The set is also suitable for soloists, DJs and the sound system for the sacred ceremony. Thanks to the internal DSP processor, which modifies the band of transmitted frequencies and delays of signals delivered to each of the speakers, it is possible to change such parameters of the active matrix as: beam range, emission direction and beam opening angle. The RD-VOICE-500 is available in two options: Option with a mixer (high and low frequency controls and gain for each input channel) or an option without a mixer. The set consists of a subwoofer and a central speaker consisting of two modules (column A and B). The ability to play in stereo mode, after purchasing a second set.

Technical data
Power of amplifiers [W] Subwoofer 1x250W
Column 8x20W class D
Balanced, electronic microphone inputs XLR inputs 1-4
– MIC/LINE switch yes
– MIC sensitivity adjustment -40dB ÷ -15dB
– LINE sensitivity adjustment -15dB ÷ +5dB
– impedance 1,6kΩ
– Phantom power 24V DC
– HPF filter 100Hz, 6dB/oct.
– soprano bass adjustment ±12dB , 100Hz, 10kHz (shelf filter)
Universal input (mono/stereo) RCA input (CH5)
– input sensitivity -10dB ÷ +12dB
– impedance 10kΩ
– soprano bass adjustment ±12dB, 100Hz, 10kHz (shelf filter)
Limiter double, top: at the entrance DSP and on the power amplifier
Number of tweeters 1x magnetostatic ribbon
4x 1″ dome
Number of full-range speakers 10x 3.5″ neodymium
Number of woofers 2x 8″
Frequency response of the center speaker 170- 18000Hz
Subwoofer freq range 30-250Hz
Opening angle in the horizontal plane (constant) 120° (-6dB, 1kHz ÷ 8kHz)
Opening angle in the vertical plane
Audibility range [m] 20
Power supply [V] 230V or 115V (50Hz, ± 10%)
Height of the columns with subwoofer [mm] 2120
Central column dimensions width/height/depth [mm] 108 x 1550 x 117
Central column weight [kg] 7,7
Subwoofer dimensions width/height/depth [mm] 365 x 555 x 550
Subwoofer weight [kg] 30,5