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The PMX7-WM pilgrimage set is intended for sound amplification during pilgrimages, processions, etc. It includes UHF radio transmitting and receiving sets and two megaphones. The set is built on a backpack-type frame, it has braces that allow free movement. It is powered by a 12V gel battery. It has a built-in battery monitoring and signaling system. It has a charging adapter (included). Working time 8 hours. Each set can be connected to a wired microphone or guitar. The set is equipped with a mixer that has 6 inputs and 2 outputs with tone and gain control. Using the built-in Mp3 player, you can play speech or music from a USB stick or SD card. The MP3 player can be controlled with the included remote control.

Technical data
Power [W] 2×30
Wireless system operating frequency [MHz] 673.300 – 677.700
674.200 – 688.900
823.700 – 825.300
863.900 – 864.900
Inputs IN1-IN6
– impedance
regulation: bass, soprano
±12dB, 100Hz, 10kHz
Universal CD input (CH7-mono)
– impedance
regulation: bass, soprano
±12dB, 100Hz, 10kHz
Outputs OUT1, OUT2 0dB
USB/SD MP3 player yes
MP3 Player Remote Control yes
Supply voltage (internal battery) 12V
SPL (1W/m) [dB] 108
SPL max. [dB] 121
Frequency response [Hz] 250-10 000
Number of speakers 2 megaphones
Audibility range [m] 150
Wireless microphone range [m] 60
Continuous operation time of the battery in a full cycle after charging [hours] 8
Height [cm] 150
Weight [kg] 14,25