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The modern, portable sound system ZP-40 is designed to sound for processions, pilgrimages, open spaces, as well as for rooms, conference rooms, etc. It includes eight loudspeakers, two megaphone loudspeakers, a radio transmitting and receiving set with one or two wireless microphones, amplifier and battery.

Technical data
Amplifier power 2x20W
The power of megaphones 30W (2x15W)
The power of the speakers inside the loudspeaker 40W (8x5W)
Wireless system operating frequency [MHz] 673.300 – 677.700
674.200 – 688.900
823.700 – 825.300
863.900 – 864.900
Powering the microphone 9V battery
Supply voltage – internal battery (NI-MH) 12V DC
Megaphone efficiency (SPL; 1W/1m/1kHz) 108 dB
Efficiency max. megaphones (SPL max; 1m/1kHz) 122 dB
Column band 150-15000 Hz
A band of megaphones 250-10000 Hz
The range of audibility with the tubes facing in opposite directions 150m
Wireless microphone range [m] 100m
Continuous operation time of the battery in a full cycle after charging 6 hours
Height without stand 142 cm
Weight without a stand 11,5 kg