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Antenna amplifier AA-GB (580-608 MHZ)

The AA-GB selective antenna amplifier is used to amplify the receiving signal in the 580-608 MHz band from a wireless microphone (> 15dB). The antenna amplifier should be connected directly to the receiving antenna. Connect the amplifier output with a coaxial cable to the receiver’s antenna input. The AA-GB antenna amplifier compensates for losses in the TASKER RG-58CU coaxial cable up to 40mb, while the BELDEN H155 cable up to 80mb. When two amplifiers are used in series, the distance doubles. The antenna amplifier has been configured to work with the LDU-505 wireless set.

Number of AA-GB amplifiers
The maximum length of the TASKER RG-58 cable The maximum length of the BELDEN H155 cable
1 40m 80m
2 80m 160m
Technical data of AA-GB
Amplification >15dB
Socket type BNC
Frequency response 580-608MHz
Power supply DC 8-12V / 100mA
Made out of Al
Dimensions (width/height/depth) [mm] 98,4 x 51,5 x 24,5
Weight [g] 128