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The modern ZP-43 portable set is the latest development from Rduch. It has been specially constructed for processions, pilgrimages, as well as for rooms, conference halls, etc. Version with one or two wireless microphones and MP3 player with remote control, SD card reader and USB port. It is powered by an internal 12V battery. It has a battery status indication system. The design of the ZP-43 set makes it possible to direct the sound to those places you want to. This is made possible by the top rotating part of the speaker system, which houses highly efficient neodymium magnet speakers. With this solution, we can control the direction of sound emission and the width of the angle of incidence of sound in the horizontal plane.

Technical data
Rated power 40W
Number of 3,5″ neodymium speakers 6pcs.
Working frequency [MHz] 673.300 – 677.700
674.200 – 688.900
823.700 – 825.300
863.900 – 864.900
Powering the microphone 2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Music player MP3
Remote (music player’) yes
Supply voltage – internal battery (NI-MH) 12V DC
Frequency response of the column [Hz] [Hz] 90 -18000 Hz (+/- 2dB)
Audibility Range From 50 to 100m (Depends on the weather condition)
Wireless microphone range [m] 75
Working time of the battery after full charge [godz .] 5
Height without the stand [cm] 152
Weight without the stand [kg] 5,4
Weight of the aluminum stand [kg] 2,7